3D Printing Live Conference: Building an AM business case

A sizeable crater of a gap exists between the possibilities that 3D Printing provides and the high level of understanding needed for decision makers inside companies to reap those benefits. On May 27th, companies will have the chance to advance their AM understanding, inspect the various sub-technologies of 3D Printing in live action and meet with the people and organizations that can help fully exploit the technology.  


One of the main reasons why I even started to write about the area of AM technology was that I had repeatedly experienced a major lack of real awareness and actionable knowledge within the area. Particularly in terms of how to convert the technological opportunities into increased value for companies as well as their customers. This is also why I have gladly accepted the opportunity to host a roundtable discussion at the 3D Printing Live Conference in Stockholm.

With a healthy skepsis and reasonable optimism the discussion will be taken through the steps of identifying, developing and communicating a business case for 3D Printing.

How to build an actionable AM business case

If there is not a clear-cut economic incentive to be seen right away, it can very be hard to communicate the attainable benefits of AM implementation and gain buy-in throughout the organization. This is especially the case when dealing with the more advanced applications of AM technology, since they will often require structural changes of some sort. It can be a jungle to navigate, which is why having roundtable discussions about exploring and defining proper AM business cases is so relevant.

By drawing on tools like Value Proposition Design (Business Model Generation), Cotteleer & Joyce’s pathways to AM value (Deloitte University Press) and the Corporate Business Model Portfolio (Davenport Innovation Economy), the aim is to put the development of an actionable business case into perspective. In other words, the roundtable discussion will revolve around properly defining an AM business case, thus creating a basis to better understand, analyze and communicate new AM initiatives.

A solid primer on AM innovation

Now, companies are generally not all too keen on discussing internal procedures, strategy and innovation-related challenges openly – I get that. That is why the discussions will be based on a relevant hypothetical company that holds all the classic potential and barriers for adoption. This will be built on anonymized actual numbers and real cases.

As a primer on the discussions, I will refer to this previous post about generic 3D Printing applications and this article from Deloitte about pathways to 3D Printing value.

Now, reading about and discussing the general applications is a good start, but the potential is very context-dependent and companies need proper guidance and analysis to unveil the actual opportunities at hand. At the conference, you will have the opportunity to speak to competent professionals capable of guiding your company through this innovation process.

I am personally looking very much forward to valuable discussions and networking at the 3D Printing Live Conference. I hope to see you in Stockholm on May 27th.

For more info, go to the website www.3Dprinting-live.com or email me.

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